“Elise is a born writer." --Alan J. Kaufman, Esq. Publishing Attorney


E. R. Crawford, AKA Elise Crawford, was born on a cold and wet November day in the Motor City and moved with her mother and younger sister to Seattle in 1968.

Although not formally educated as a writer, Elise has been telling stories since she was eight years old. She holds several Associate of Arts degrees; one in Liberal Arts, two in Social Sciences, and one Technical.

When not writing, Elise loves to crochet. She recently taught herself the skill and has made hats, animals, a cloak for Lexi, and a few blankets. She also loves a good search-a-word puzzle and reading a nail-biting mystery.

A Promise Kept was Elise’s first published book, her partial memoir, for which she won a gold medal for Readers Favorite in 2010.

Elise is currently working on several writing projects; a series of children’s books, two ghostwriting projects, and a third book, With Only A Horse, a truth is stranger than fiction novel, based on true events, embellished with a fictitious flair.

Elise is a native of Washington; she and her husband Roberto reside in Woodinville Washington. Their CEDAR-AL business continues to flourish and prosper. Elise has two grown children; a son, Dale,and a daughter, Lexi.